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Match Masters SE Boosters List And Free Special Edition Boosters

Hello Match Masters fans, a brand new series of boosters has recently been added to the game. The Special Edition Boosters, SE Boosters, will be one of the most popular and powerful boosters in the game. So! Are you wondering how to get SE Boosters and what their power is? In this guide we will explain all the SE Boosters and how you can get them.

There is one condition that you must meet in order to receive Se Boosters, and that is to have at least 16,000 Trophies. The number of these powerful new Se Boosters is up to 7 so far. It could be the new Se Boosters or a new series of Boosters.

How Match Masters SE Boosters Can Obtain

You can buy these boosters with in-game coins, or you can get them for free. There are a couple of ways that you can easily get very special boosters like Se Boosters. One of them is that you can get these boosters by buying them with money or coins from the Match Masters shop. However, there are some tips for those who want to get them for free.

To win free special boosters, you need to win event games or tournaments. Of course, it is not easy to win Special Boosters this way. However, it is also possible to win thanks to the luck factor. You have a chance to win with Match Masters spins, this chance will vary depending on your luck. Another method is to complete sticker albums. Especially in seasonal sticker albums and some albums you can get SE boosters for free.

You can also get SE Booster and similar powerful boosters in the same way. To help you out, we recommend that you visit the page where we provide links to different gifts every day. Don’t miss out on free boosters, coins, spins and stickers with the gift links on the Match Masters daily gifts page. Tip: You can also buy SE Boosters by saving your coins. You can earn SE Boosters during Free Spins.

All SE Boosters List

El Magneto Special Edition

El Magneto SE

We can say that El Magneto Special Edition booster is an even more powerful version of El Magneto, which is a level 3 diamond booster. El Magneto SE Booster, one of the first SE boosters, attracts 4 different coloured particles thanks to its powerful magnet. This allows you to get more points and special particles.

Doctor Color Special Edition

Dr Color SE

Another level 3 Diamond Booster is the Doctor Color SE Booster, which is an enhanced version of the Diamond Booster. Doctor Color boosters are a more advanced version. Doctor Color Special Edition selects particles with 2 different colour particles and makes them the same colour and repeats this twice. This helps you to make special particles and powerful moves.

Ufo Special Edition


Ufo SE booster is an advanced version of the level 2 Diamond Boosters. These boosters collect particles of 2 different colours that are different from each other and help you get special particles as well as powerful moves. It also collects the shards you match.

Valentine Vinnie Special Edition

Valentine Vinnie Special Edition

Valentine Vinnie, one of the Level Dimond boosters, is an upgraded version. Valentine Vinnie Se booster shoots 4 different arrows when used and creates special particles with these arrows. These particles take the colour of 2 different coloured particles and collect them from the board when they match. These Se boosters give you extra movement and special particles.

All Aboard Special Edition

All Aboard SE

Level 2 is the All Aboard Special Edition version of the Diamond Booster. When used, this booster collects all particles facing the direction of the special particles it creates, and then spreads its special particles across the board. When these special particles are paired with particles of the same colour, they will collect particles of a random colour.

Cleo Cadabra Special Edition

Cleo Cadabra Special Edition

The Cleo Cadabra Se Booster is one of the latest boosters to be added. These boosters randomly collect particles of more than one colour from the board and add very special particles to the board. When the special particles added by these boosters are matched to a piece on the board, they are replaced with particles of a different colour. This gives you special particles and extra movement.

Foxy Roxy Special Edition

Foxy Roxy Special Edition

Foxy Roxy Special Edition booster Level 2 Dimond Doosters is an enhanced version of Foxy Roxy. It paints the shards on the board the same colour and creates special shards. It will also help you create special particles thanks to 2 special particles.

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