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How to Play Bingo? Bingo Guide

Bingo is one of the most common games all around the world. Although the game has different varieties in different regions, they all have similar characteristics. If you are looking for a relaxing yet exciting game to play in your free time, then Bingo is the best option for you. Thus, we have prepared this guide for you.

In the following section, you are going to learn more about the Bingo game, when and by whom it was invented, how to play it, and much more! After reading this guide, you are going to be a pro gamer and enjoy your time a lot with Bingo!

What Is Bingo? When and By Whom Was the Bingo Game Invented?

Bingo is a game that is played with Bingo cards and 75 balls. Players must complete rows, columns or diagonal patterns on their Bingo cards to win the game. At the beginning of the game, each player buys Bingo card in exchange for a predetermined fee. This fee is included in the prize pool and winners receive a certain portion of the pool.

It is commonly believed that the Bingo game was invented by Italians around 1530. It was not known as Bingo at the time. Later on, this game spread to France and was played widely among French Aristocracy. Today, it is the most played game all around the world.

How to Play Bingo? How Many People Can Play Bingo? What Is Game Equipment?

Playing Bingo is highly straightforward. Players buy Bingo cards in exchange for a predetermined cost and test their luck. The fee they pay for the Bingo cards are included in the prize pool and those who complete rows, columns or diagonal patterns receive a certain portion of the prize.

Although the number of players who can play Bingo at the same time may be flexible, the original rules limit this to 15 people. All you need to play Bingo is the balls with numbers on them and specially drawn Bingo card.

What Are Bingo Types? What Are Bingo Rules? How Many People Can Play It?

Although the American Bingo rules limit the number of players that can play Bingo at a time to 15 people, there are different varieties in other regions. The main difference between the American and European versions is the size and shape of the Bingo card.

American Bingo is played with square Bingo cards with 25 squares on them while European Bingo is played with rectangular cards with 27 squares on them. Players must complete rows, columns, or diagonal patterns on their Bingo cards to win the game. Those who complete the first, second and third lines for the first time are eligible for the rewards.

In American Bingo, there are also additional patterns that you can win rewards such as diamonds. Although European Bingo has established rules, American Bingo has more than twenty derivatives that the rules may change depending on which Bingo game you are going to play.

Where and How Can You Play Bingo?

Today, you can find numerous platforms to enjoy this amazing game. It has lovers all around the world. Moreover, it is the traditional game every Christmas. As you can play Bingo at home together with your friends and family members, you can also play it on digital media.

Bingo Bash and Bingo Blitz games are among the most popular bingo games that we can recommend for bingo lovers! You can access these games through your mobile devices, tablets, and computers whenever you want. Please visit Bingo Bash free chips and Bingo Blitz free credits pages to learn more about these games.

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