Match Masters Boosters Guide And How To Get Best Boosters?

Match Masters Boosters Guide And How To Get Best Boosters?

Match Masters Booster Guide and how to get the best boosters? Do you want to know all the boosters with the Match Masters Booster Guide? How to get the best boosters in Match Masters? Do you want to get powerful boosters for free? Then you have come to the right place! With the Match Masters Booster Guide you will find the names of the boosters, their powers and information on how to get them in this guide.

Learn about all the boosters with the Match Masters Booster List. Also find out how to get free boosters. Find out which are the best boosters with our guide.

Match Masters is an addictive and fun online puzzle game that you can play for free on your mobile device. Enjoy the game wherever you are without getting bored with your mobile phone or tablet. You can play on mobile devices running Android or IOS operating systems.

In Match Masters, you experience online PvP with your friends or random opponents. The Match Master game has its own structure. The Match Master game also offers the opportunity for PvP, socialising and cooperation with its unique structure.

In this fun puzzle game, you need a booster to start the game. What do boosters do in Match Masters? What are Boosters? How do I get free boosters? Which are the most powerful Boosters? Below is the full list of boosters and this guide to getting them.

What are Match Masters Boosters?

Match Masters is a puzzle game based on collecting points. In the Match Masters puzzle game, the player with the most points wins the game. To score in the game, you must match at least three pieces of the same colour, either horizontally or vertically.

You must have at least one booster to start a game. You can start the game by selecting one of the boosters you have. Boosters are your best helpers in defeating your opponents. Boosters with different powers are an important factor in defeating your opponents.

You play the Match Masters game for 5 rounds and you have the right to play two pieces. You must collect enough blue pieces to use the booster. When you have collected enough pieces, you can use the booster. You get extra points for using boosters. There are different types of boosters in the game. Among these types, each booster has its own special features.

There are boosters for beginners and boosters with incredible power. A higher level booster will always be more effective. Even the best boosters do not guarantee that you will win games. You win the game with clever moves and a bit of luck.

Match Masters Booster Levels

  1. Bronze Boosters
  2. Silver Boosters
  3. Gold Boosters
  4. Diamond Boosters
  5. Legendary Boosters

The lowest level Boosters are Bronze Boosters, while the best Boosters are Legendary and SE Boosters. There are also three groups of Diamond Boosters.

How do I get free Match Masters boosters?

In Match Masters, these boosters can be paid or free. There are 6 free boosters in the game. If you lose a free booster, there is a time limit before you can use it again.

There are 5 different types of boosters in Match Masters. In addition to the boosters you can use for free, you can also buy boosters with coins. However, some boosters can't be bought with coins. You have the chance to get the boosters that you cannot buy with coins for free.

There are several ways to get free boosters. You can get free boosters by collecting Match Masters free gift rewards. The alternatives for getting other free boosters can be more challenging. You can also get free boosters by collecting Event Games, Event Missions, stickers, and by playing games.

You can get free boosters, coins, stickers and other rewards from the Match Master Free Daily Gifts link that we share every day. Invite your friends to play Match Masters and you can get free boosters and free Legendary boosters with friend invites

What You Need To Do To Get Free Boosters

Below we have listed many ways you can get free Match Masters boosters. The best way to get free boosters would be Match Masters free gifts. You can get free coins, boosters, spins, stickers and much more thanks to these gifts that are distributed to game fans every day.

  • Get Daily Gifts
  • Events Games Join
  • Complete Events Quests
  • Invite Your Friends
  • Join Teams Request Free Boosters
  • Teams Help
  • Collect and Exchange Stickers
  • Join the Tournaments
  • Obtain And Use Spins
  • Get Free Coins
  • Watch Ads
  • Get Shop Promotion Gifts

Match Masters Booster List - Boosters Features

There are 28 boosters with different power in the game, which has five different boosters levels.

Bronz Boosters List

You will meet bronze boosters when you start playing the Match Masters game. There are three different bronze boosters. You can have these beginner-level boosters for free. However, if you lose it, you must wait 60 minutes before you can use it again.

1- The Firecracker

The Firecracker

The Firecracker randomly falls on the board and eliminates 5 pieces. You must collect 6 blue pieces for them to be active. You can get the beginner's first booster, The Firecracker, for free. You have to wait 60 minutes to get free boosters or you can get it by watching ads. You can also exchange it for coins.

2- Rubber Ducky

Rubber Ducky

Rubber Ducky destroys all tiles along the bottom row of the board. If there are special pieces in the bottom row, it will do more damage. For Rubber Ducky to activate, 7 blue pieces must be destroyed. You can get it for an hour or by watching ads to get free boosters.

3- Paint Bucket

Paint Bucket

For Paint Bucket to be active, you must collect 7 pieces. Paint Bucket paints 6 pieces with a random colour. You can catch matches and get great moves. Thanks to these free boosters, you can earn extra moves and get special parts. Watch ads as well as 60 minutes time limit to get Boosters free. It can also be exchanged for coins.

Silver Boosters List

Match Masters features three Silver Boosters that are more effective and powerful than the game's Bronze Boosters. Silver booster is available for free. However, if you lose, the waiting times will be longer. You must wait 240 minutes to use these three boosters for free again.

1- The Slime

The Slime

Collect 7 blue pieces to activate The Slime. Select the starting point of The Slime you have activated and it will start to spread. There will be a cooldown of 240 minutes for its free use, which destroys all the parts it covers. It can be exchanged for Match Masters coins and can be obtained for free from daily gifts and other rewards.

2- Crazy Rocket

Crazy Rocket

Crazy Rocket creates a massive explosion and destroys the pieces. You must collect 7 pieces to activate Crazy Rocket, which creates a more effective explosion than The Firecracker.

3- Mystery Hat

Mystery Hat

The boosters, where you need to collect 7 blue pieces for Mystery Hat to be active, will randomly add 3 special pieces to the board. The special pieces Mystery Hat added will be active while you are in the queue, you should use them quickly. You can get these boosters for free and there is a 4 hour waiting period to use them for free again. It can also be exchanged for coins.

Gold Boosters List

There are six types of Gold Boosters in Match masters. Gold Boosters find great powers but they are not free to use. You can buy these boosters with coins. However, Match Masters daily gifts can be obtained for free via links or other ways.

1- Laser Beam

Laser Beam

Laser Beam destroys all the pieces along the row and column along the area you choose. When used correctly, the effect will be great. To activate it, 7 blue pieces must be collected. You can buy Laser Beam with 150 coins.

2- Magic Wand

Magic Wand

You will need 7 blue pieces to activate the Magic Wand. Magic Wand will collect all the pieces of the color you choose. When you play strategically, you will have a high chance of getting extra moves and special pieces with this stone.

3- Balloon Blast

Balloon Blast

Balloon Blast randomly selects 3 spools and will destroy all the pieces for you. It will need 7 parts to be active.

4- Sweep it!

Sweep it

Sweep it! You must collect 6 blue pieces to use it. These boosters shift the pieces of the randomly chosen color to the side. Sweep it! Thanks to this, matches can earn special parts and extra moves. You can play great games with this booster.

5- Mastermind


Mastermind needs 7 blue star fragments to activate. Mastermind does the matches for you. Thanks to this booster, 3, 4, or 5 pieces can be matched.

6- Lil' Dragon

Lil' Dragon

You will need 7 blue stars to use Lil' Dragon. You need to make a match when these boosters are enabled. Lil' Dragon will destroy pieces with his fire.

Diamond Boosters List

Diamond boosters with great powers are divided into three different levels among themselves. There are a total of 13 diamond bossers, level 1, level 2, and level 3. First-level Diamonda boosters have 5 each and 4 others. As your level of these boosters increases, you can exchange some of them for coins.

1- High Voltage - Level 1

High Voltage

High Voltage binds and destroys pieces of the colour you choose. You must collect 7 blue stars for High Voltage to be active.

2- Crazy Clovers - Level 1

Crazy Clovers

Crazy Clovers spread the lucky clovers on the board and the clovers turn into green pieces. Collect 7 blue shards for these boosters that will help you catch big matches.

3- UFO - Level 1


7 blue pieces are required for the UFO booster to be active. These boosters collect the two colours on the board. UFO will help you make special matches as well as earn you points with the pieces it collects.

4- Mr. Appleberry - Level 1

Mr. Appleberry

When you activate Mr. Appleberry, it spreads random fruits on the board. These fruit-loving boosters will swallow all the pieces that come their way. You will need 7 blue stars to activate.

5- Colonel Mcquack - Level 1

Colonel Mcquack

Collect 7 blue pieces to activate Colonel Mcquack. Colonel Mcquack will add special pieces to the board and send his troops to collect them. These boosters will add special pieces to the board and destroy pieces along the line.

6- Butler Bot - Level 2

Butler Bot

To activate Butler Bot, you must collect 7 pieces. These boosters will make matches for you when enabled. Thanks to the Butler Bot, you will catch 3, 4 or even 5 matches and get special pieces.

7- All Aboard - Level 2

All Aboard

All Aboard will add trains that will move left or right to all pieces on the board. It will be useful to activate when there are special pieces of wood and many yellow stones. Obtain 7 blue pieces to activate.

8- Queen Cobra - Level 2

Queen Cobra

Queen Cobra copies 3 random columns on the board and adds them right next to the originals. You will need 7 blue stones to be active. Thanks to Queen-Cobra, you will get special pieces as well as piece matches, allowing you to make great moves. Thanks to this booster, you can earn special parts and extra moves.

9- Foxy Roxy - Level 2

Foxy Roxy

Parts will be painted and custom parts will be created for the Foxy Roxy booster. This booster will choose one of the created special pieces to explode. Foxy Roxy. Collect 7 blue stars.

10- Doctor Color - Level 3

Doctor Color

By activating these boosters, you must collect 7 blue stars. Activated Doctor Color booster will change randomly selected coloured stones twice. Thanks to Doctor Color, it will catch great matches and leave pieces with the same colour on the board for you. Thanks to these boosters, you will get extra moves and special parts more easily.

11- Vinnie Valentine - Level 3

Vinnie Valentine

When activated, Vinnie Valentine shoots marker arrows at 5 different pieces, and this marked piece and surrounding pieces turn into coloured hearts. Match these hearts with pieces of the appropriate color. To activate Vinnie Valentine requires 7 blue pieces and collect points.

12- Woolly Workout - Level 3

Woolly Workout

Woolly Workout moves the pieces of the colour you choose with dances. Moving pieces turn right, left, up, and down pieces into pieces of the same colour. Thanks to Woolly Workout, you will get big matches. You will need 7 blue stars to activate it.

13- El Magneto - Level 3

El Magneto

El Magneto sends randomly selected pieces of 3 different colors in certain directions. Thanks to these boosters, you will get magic matches and special pieces. It can also enable you to make good moves. Collect 7 blue star fragments to activate El Magneto.

Legendary Boosters List

You will play great games with Legendary Boosters. You can gain an overwhelming advantage over your opponents. With Legendary Boosters, it will be very easy to beat the rival players. Use these boosters for success in tournaments or event missions. Easily finish events and tournaments with powerful advantages besides Legendary Boosters.

Match Masters has three Legendary Boosters. It will not be easy to obtain these boosters, where you can achieve incredible things. You can get these boosters in special ways. These boosters cannot be purchased with coins. You can get them for real money or as a gift. Play event games, participate in tournaments and collect stickers to increase your chances of getting free Legendary Boosters.

1- Monkey Joo Joo

Monkey Joo Joo

Collect the 7 blue stars needed to activate Monkey Joo Joo. This legendary booster will send 5 skull pieces to the board. This will destroy skulls and pieces in the vertical, horizontal, and diagonal areas. Monkey Joo Joo will leave some skulls for you to match. Match the skulls with stones of the same colour to collect more points.

2- Billie Boom

Billie Boom

Billie Boom collects pieces of two random colours and adds bombs when you activate the legendary boosters. Adds bombs to your every move. Collect 7 shards to activate. You'll be able to use it over and over again thanks to the Billie Boom power.

Beat your opponents easily and win tournaments and events with Billie Boom.

3- Brocco Boogie

Brocco Boogie

Brocco Boogie Match Master's newest perfect Booster! These legendary boosters will randomly send three disco balls to the board when you activate them. Move the disco balls to a track to collect the pieces you want to collect. Moving the balls will not cost your spins.

Collect 7 blue pieces to activate Brocco Boogie and make awesome moves and use them over and over. When you activate the second booster, two disco balls will be added. Beat your opponents and win tournaments and events with this legendary booster.

We have listed all the boosters found in Match Masters. We have explained the booster names, features, and what to do to get free boosters in the boosters guide.

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